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I can not wait to get out and have fun again
Posted:Apr 5, 2020 11:35 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2020 9:40 am

Over this winter I worked so much and I was looking forward the spring weather. Some short skirts, low neck lines and oh yes, My favorite a nice pussy flash or . Now that everyone is held up in their homes and even if we go out I can not get within six feet of a woman. I have had a few women make sure I'm ok and I have checked in on the as well. It just is not the same. If you ladies have a nice spring look you want share with please post it here. I need something for my cabin fever
Getting the green light
Posted:Mar 31, 2020 8:54 pm
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2020 7:51 am

It was a Saturday at the end of the summer when Lisa and Jim invited be to a barbecue at their house. We had become friends through our playing sports together. A good number of the people there I knew from our growing up together. It was a nice to see everyone and I must say Lisa was one of the finest soccer mom's I ever saw. The other women were aging nicely but there was something about Lisa that always drew me to look her way.

Jim and I were sitting having a few drinks and eating when Jim tells me to look over at the ass on one of the other women there. He then goes on to say how he and Lisa like to get wild every now and the. I become all ears but, I'm still trying to play it cool. He starts to tell me that things could get a little wild tonight and he just want to make sure I'd be cool with it. I assured him I was good with what ever went on. I could see that he was pleased as well as a little excited. Wile we were talking Lisa passed by. Jim grabbed her hand and told he I was cool. She turns to me and gives me a pretty hot kiss on the cheek and says how happy I was there. As she leaves us she rand her hand across the front of my shorts. Jim seeing this says well it looks like Lisa is warming up already. He then goes on to tell me how everyone that stays after nine or ten is open and willing to play. Jim then goes on and says if you want Lisa like she's showing me she wants you then you two should have the fun you desire. I ask him are you sure.. He says sure play with her all you want .. My mind is totally blown and excited at the same time.. He then says she's got one sweet pussy. You are going to love it.

The night goes on and Jim continues to drink and talk to the others. I see the clock passes nine and the crowd starts to thin out. I'm talking to one of the soccer mom's and she is starting to flirt with me . Her blouse is down two more buttons than earlier this evening and I now see her bra is gone. As I look around I see others getting comfortable in the same way. Some are in the dark corners getting close . As others slip away not to be seen. We are joined by couple that start chatting. I take this as my chance to slip off to find a rest room. As I open the door to lave the rest room Lisa sees me and gives me a sign to stay right where I am. She grabs my hand and pulls me into their spare bed room. She puts her arms around me and asks how am liking their get together. I tell her it just got better than I ever imagined. She then went on to say how she always dreamed of being with me. How she would get hot and wet thinking of me fucking her whenever she saw me out and about. Things became a hot blur as we peeled each others clothes off. Once I had every stitch of clothes off of her . I kissed her body softly pushing her back on to the bed. Almost as if we had done this before we knew what each other wanted. Lisa fell back on the bed. I moved between her silky soft perfectly tanned legs and took my first taste of her sweetness. She rocked and ground her pussy against my mouth. I cam up for air and told her how Jim was right she does have a sweet pussy for sure. I went down on her again and she started cumming on my tongue and face. I move on to the bed and Lisa sucks my cock for a few minutes. She then says she need my cock in her right now. She goes to all fours and press my long thick cock in past her sweet pussy lips. Her ass is round and tight. She knows just how to work my shaft and her sweet ass. She cums again and says we need to join the others soon . She rolls to her back and tell me to Fill her pussy with my cum. I hold her legs up. Pull her ass a little off the bed and let my hot load go off in her . As we finish up the woman I was talking to earlier accidentally comes into the room to find us in the act. She goes down on Lisa and eats my cum out of her and then takes us to the shower to help us clean up the rest of the way
Continuing the fun with Deb
Posted:Mar 17, 2020 7:37 pm
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2020 6:37 pm

I have to say after meeting Deb's friend Anna I thought we were done for that . After all Deb was all cleaned up and dressed. As she fixed her hair I stood near her talking to her. I just can not keep my hands off of her. What started as soft touching of her legs quickly became both hands rubbing her ass. When she turned slightly to one side I took that as a cue to rub the front as well. By the time she forgot all about her hair I had one hand on her ass and two fingers in her sweet wet pussy. Between our kisses she begins soft sexy moans. My cock is rock hard . Deb takes me to her bed and pulls my pants off. We get into a 69 and got to work on each other. In only a few minutes Deb shutters and cums for me.. She removes the rest of her clothes and I work my way out of my shirt. She lays on top of me . Holding my cock and sliding the tip along her ripe wet slit . I play with her breasts and nibble on her nipples. She starts to press my cock into her a little bit at a time. She then says she wants to thank me for being so good to her friend Anna. I tell her that there is no need to thank me .. I enjoyed our afternoon and I hope we get together whenever they would like to . With that she rides down the entire length of my cock. As she works my cock to her pleasure. She tells me how it got to see us together. I tell her I did it for her and glad she's happy .. She turns and starts ride reverse cow . I go to town rubbing her sweet ass and legs. She has such good moves.. She starts to tell she is about to -- I tell her to sit on my so I can eat her as she cums I lay back on the bed as she grinds pussy against my mouth. I have one of her breasts in each hand and my thumbs are rubbing her nipples.. She is moaning louder and louder as she works her body with my mouth.. By the time she cums. crazy turned on I just want to leg spread wide deep hard missionary fuck her. Like a man possessed I turn Deb on to her back and with no hands I position my cock right into her waiting hole. She cheers on with crazed moans of "Fuck " and "Fuck Harder" I can barely hold on .. Then she says " in " Fuck and in ".. I pick her off of the bed with my cock deep in her .. Hands her ass and I pump my load deep into her sweet sexy little body. With this Deb starts to hard with . We collapse on the bed in a sweaty heap..
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My friends upstairs neighbor
Posted:Mar 16, 2020 8:45 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2020 4:58 pm

Recently I posted a story of a woman that I met when visiting an old friend of mine. Deb is a mid sixties widow with a body and super hot legs. She has a sweet set of C cups and is a lot of fun to be with. I chat with her about once a week and we have only been together once.

She called me Friday after noon and asked if I would be in the area Saturday afternoon. After I picked my drooling tongue off of the floor I said I had no plans. She then went on to invite me over. Saying that she was going shopping and she would love it if I would come over and tell her what I thought of her purchases.

When i go to her place I was met at the door not by Deb but her long time friend Anne. She introduced herself and showed me to the couch. Taking a quick look over Anne I notice she is very sexy too. Great shape. Nice legs and full firm breasts. Deb came into the living room from the bedroom wearing a short dress with the price tags still on it. High black heels and no stockings. I stand up and tell how nice the new dress is . She does a little cat walk thing and comes over and gives me a kiss. She then turns her back to me and asks "Can you see my panties in this dress". I reply with "Let me get a real good look." She walks in front of me and then by me.. She then says "If you have to look that hard I may just have to show them to you. " With both Deb and Ann laughing they take their seats on either side of me on the couch. I feel Ann leaning towards me and her one breasts is rubbing against my side . Deb Starts to pull up the hem of her dress to show us her panties. With us both looking spreads her legs and the panties open too giving us a perfect view of her sweet tight pussy..Deb then says to me check them out and tell me how you like them. She places my hand between her legs . My fingers fall naturally between her folds. Neither woman seems to be too concerned that I'm fingering Deb and I have no reason to complain either. They start taking about how nice they feel and other colors. I'm just listening and rubbing away. Deb then asks me if I'd like to see them in white. Seeing that things were going so nicely. I say sure I'd love to see them in white. A second later Anne is standing in front of me and she lets her skirt fall to the ground. She is standing a foot in front on my face. As we sit there she turns around to show me they a a thong. Deb reaches out and rubs Anne's ass cheek. Feel how soft she is . So I take me free hand and touch Anne's sweet soft ass. Anne is enjoying this so much that she bends further down and pushes her ass closer to the two of us. This causes the slit in her panties to open . I look right into her and then to Deb. She gives me a big smile and says go on . I slip my hand from her ass to Between her legs . Anne is soaking wet and her pussy makes a little noise . Seeing how much her friend is enjoying my touch Deb leans towards me and says "You better eat her before she faints"
I slip her thong off and Anne backs up and on to my face . Deb is working on taking my pants off as Anne Rides and rubs her pussy all over my face. Seconds later Deb has my pants off and she is sucking my cock, I look down and Deb is completely naked fingers in her pussy an mouth all over my hard shaft. I push Anne a small step forward. Still bent over I Feel Deb pulling my cock to Anne's pussy . Oh what an awesome feeling . I pound Anne until she cums and her legs get weak. Deb pushes us back on to the couch. I'm resting back on the couch. Anne has her legs spread wide and Deb starts sucking Anne's pussy.
This just about finishes me off.. Feeling like I'm about to explode Anne rides high off my cock and glides into Deb'm mouth. What perfect timing they have ..
No sooner then when Deb has me completely in her mouth. I start cumming.
Anne still on my lap and legs spread wide is cheering Deb on as she completely drains me. The two kiss and then they each kiss me. We all head to the shower to wash up with smiles a mile wide. After our shower Anne heads home and Deb and I get a little rest..
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All cleaned up
Posted:Jan 11, 2020 1:56 pm
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2020 6:56 pm

Had to work today. Heading out with a few friends and things may get naughty. Figured I would do a little man scaping.... I like to trim things up. looks much better and feels great. Ladies please tell me if you like your man to be neatly trimmed - clean and bare or all natural.
Private Messages : I want to hear from you. It will be just between us.
Posted:Sep 8, 2019 4:50 am
Last Updated:Apr 21, 2020 7:51 am

Please share with what you want to tell when it is just you and . It will be between only you and . No one else.
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Looking for ladies to flash me
Posted:Nov 26, 2018 6:10 pm
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2020 5:35 pm

It is kinda sad to see the warm days go away and the cooler darker days upon us. I must say I enjoy the summer time with so many of you lovely ladies wearing as little as possible.

I guess the trade off is more women in sexy boots, deep v-neck sweaters and really seeing a woman's curves in the right tight fitting dress. Now I have to keep my eye out for the flirty. The fun and best of all the flashers.

I love it when a woman gives a nice view, Please help me through what is looking like a long cold winter. Flash me a big smile and more
What a great party
Posted:Nov 12, 2018 7:38 pm
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2020 5:36 pm

I went to a party this week end at a neighbors house. The couple invited my over to meet some of their friends and co-workers and a few other neighbors. It was a friendly get together. I expected noting to happen just meet some new people and get to know my neighbors a little better.

My attention was quickly taken by a woman that said her name was Joan. She was with another woman from my neighborhood. I just could not take my eyes off of her and her perfect legs. I would try not stare but all night I could not stop looking at her and her legs.

As the night wore on Joan started to like it. She would cross and uncross her legs. First smiling at me. She then moved on running her stocking feet along my leg when I sat at a table near her.

The hottest thing she did was when most of the party moved into the kitchen and we were nearly alone in their family room. She spread her legs far apart for a quick flash and showed me her bare sweet pussy. I just could not take it any more we slipped off through the side door and back to my place
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Hung up on your favorite position
Posted:Oct 13, 2018 11:07 am
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2020 6:51 pm

Recently I started to crack up when I see people in chat rooms talking about desired or favorite sexual positions.

It's funny because many never had any chance at any position with anyone in that chat room.

I just wanted to simply state my favorite sexual position is one that includes my real hard cock in a real woman. No Cyber involved. Real on Real. Favorite would then be a call to come back and do it again.

The dreamers and jokers just make me laugh
Still Hopeful
Posted:Sep 30, 2018 5:12 am
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2019 7:26 pm

I've been here for a long time now. I'm very picky but, I'm still friendly. Meaning I will chat with people here to get to know them But, I'm not chasing everyone . I have met some very interesting and truly passionate women.I would enjoy meeting in person. The down side is distance. All to often the woman the gets me lives a thousand miles away from me. I still keep looking to find a nice playful woman close to home. I sure hope she is here.
An Old friend So much better
Posted:Sep 9, 2018 5:44 am
Last Updated:Sep 30, 2018 5:12 am

Sandy an I have bee good friends over many years. We dated in high school on and off. She took me to events in college when she needed a date and yes we were together on a few occasions.

Never putting much into it. I often thought I was more into her and she just was ok with me. Recently I have been "Bumping" into Sandy more often. She would be out with friends at a bar that I was at or grocery shopping when I was shopping. Again I was not putting much into it. Then I started to notice how good she looked each time I saw her. Thinking I'm just a horny old guy looking at a well preserved old girl "Friend" I just did not think too much about it. Then I started to realize I though about Sandy more than I thought. A long time friend told me I definitely had a thing for her and all of our other friends though it was funny how I never really went after her and showed her how you want her.

This made me think and the very next time I saw Sandy it was in the grocery store. There she was long legs, heels, shorts and a top that showed off her perfect tits. I was getting hard from twenty feet away. We met in the aisle no one else around I said to her. "I'm sorry lady you are just too hot to walk through the frozen food section. I'm going to have to have you come with me." She gave me this very hot and sexy look and said where do you want to take me. Well I said we can discuss how I take you at another time. Right now I'd like to know if you would have dinner with me. She quickly gave me a yes, A friendly hug and her most current phone number.

When the day came for Sandy and I to have dinner she insisted I come to her house. She wanted to cook for me. When I got there she had on a short summer dress with no bra. Her nipples were rock hard and pointing out at me. I gave her a big kiss and held the small of her back. As I did this I could feel her thin thong . She gave me another kiss as she shut the door behind us. This time she opened her mouth kissing me more and more passionately. I could tell she wanted me as much as i wanted her. My hands are over her and she slides her hand over my now hard cock. She looks up at me and asks "Mind if I have some of this before dinner". My reply is sure as long as it dose'nt ruin your appetite. She slips my pants off and starts sucking my cock. She is sucking me like I never dreamed she could. I slip her out of her sun dress and her thong. She looks amazing. Better than when she was in college and wetter than a monsoon. My fingers slide along her sweet tight slit as my other hand plays with one of her eraser like nipples. With out another word she moves with me to the couch. Here I pull her on top of me and she rides down on my long thick cock. She moans "OH GOD I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOUR COCK". This just about blew my mind. I lit the nipple I was sucking fall from my mouth. I stand up. Her arms around my neck and we just fuck each others brains out. We start to sweat. She says she needs me to fuck her from behind. We change positions I bend her over the couch. She tilts her pelvis as I slide in and out . I can feel her touch my cock as she rubs her clit and cums loudly. When her orgasm is over Sandy turns to me and again takes my cock in her mouth. I unload into her mouth and she swallows every last drop. After licking me clean she pulls me to the shower holding my cock.
Summer is here
Posted:Jun 30, 2018 6:07 pm
Last Updated:Jul 19, 2019 5:36 pm

So nice to see summer finally got here. I must say I do enjoy the Sun, The beach and Warm nights. What I am missing is that one thing we had growing up that I do not have now. A Pool. As a and even more as a the pool was a lot of fun. As an adult a pool is even more fun. Oh how I wish I had a pool to play in with a special woman. It is my favorite summer time place to play. Nothing like slipping out of your trunks and feeling her free of that bikini that was moments ago driving me crazy. Daytime night time anytime a pool is a great part of any summer.
Who Here Is For Real - Ladies Let me know
Posted:Jun 24, 2018 5:45 am
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2019 7:49 pm

I have been here for quite some time. I often think many people here are fake. If you are woman here that is for real please let me know.

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